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About us

Transforming the way you experience Africa

We offer unforgettable tours. Not ‘ticks’ on a travel itinerary, but rather one to five days of genuine, once-in-a-lifetime, off-the-beaten-track adventure. Choose between our award-winning Cape private adventures or our mind-blowing wildlife and adventure experiences further afield.

Escape+Explore Guides
Our Guides

Africa’s finest adventure guides and story-tellers

With on-going training in our own Adventure Guide Academy, our excellent adventure guides and specialist hop-on guides will bring the places you visit to life with their insightful storytelling and local knowledge.

Our Gear

Fully Equipped Flexible Adventures

We offer complete flexibility as everything we need is at our finger tips, from our action-packed Adventure Utility Vehicles (AUV) to the locally-sourced gourmet pantry and wild picnics we carry onboard.

Escape+Explore Gear

Experience Africa


Private Adventure Day Tours.

1 to 5-day, mind-blowing experiences.

Pursue a passion


Bike, Hike, Run, Surf, SUP Africa.

Experience Africa doing what you love.

Out There Events


Exceptional experiences for groups.

Family gatherings, celebrations & corporate events.

Next Generation

Developing Africa’s future leaders

We are committed to training the next cadre of African born guides and future trail blazers.