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Venture into Africa – Like none before

About us

We create pioneering African experiences perfectly suited to your unique needs. Our capable, professional and hands-on team has the in-depth local knowledge and adventurous spirit to curate unforgettable bespoke journeys. Our proven skill and experience has allowed us to look after some of the top VIPs to visit Africa.

Ingram Casey
Ingram’s vision

Exploring Africa beyond its wildlife

Ingram left a successful career in African tour operating to build a new style of destination hosting, completely removed from the traditional way we explored Africa. Thanks to his insatiable appetite for new and exciting ideas, he has created an innovative brand of African travel that intersects luxury and adventure in a genuinely original way.

Adventure Architects

Professionals in bespoke experience building

With their in-depth local knowledge, our in-house team of Adventure Architects creates bespoke itineraries suited to your unique needs. Backed by this highly-skilled team and a full operations team, our guides have the support they need to do what they do best – take you on an incredible adventure.


ESCAPE – every itinerary is handcrafted and tailored to meet your unique needs.

SEE – our in-house team have first-hand local knowledge as they’ve done every experience themselves.

TASTE – based in the Cape Peninsula’s culinary hub, we live, breath and eat adventure in Africa.

TOUCH – supporting our guides to ensure perfection, from trip planning to experience execution.

EXPLORE – our operations team, adventure store and fleet of vehicles provide unrivalled flexibility.

Escape+Explore Adventure Architects

Pioneering African experiences

We create bespoke, authentic and transformational experiences, many a first-of-their-kind in Africa.
Each adventure is meticulously‎ planned and executed. Your safety is always at the forefront of everything we do, without detracting from the thrill of stepping out into uncharted territory.

VIP Africa

Trusted by the world’s trailblazers

Our clients include A-list celebrities, captains of industry and sporting legends. We’ve crafted adventures for Elon Musk, Jack Ma, CEO Walmart, Founder of Starbucks and the World Surf Champion, to name a few.

VIP Tours
Safety and insurance

You’re in safe hands

Our safety standards are the highest they can be as your security is paramount. That’s why we plan for every eventuality with a safety-first approach. With well-trained guides, direct access to a 24/7 crisis management centre and a full on-the-ground support team, you’re in safe hands.

  • R50 million liability insurance.
  • 24/7 crisis management team.
  • Extensive in-house guide training.
  • National accreditation.
  • International safety standards.
Awards & Accolades


Winner WAA – Most Innovative Experience in Africa. (‘16)
Short List WAA – Most Original Itinerary & Company in Africa. (‘14,’15)
Short List WAA – Shaping the Perceptions of African Travel. (’18)
Short List WAA – Engage Africa Uplifting Community Project. (’19)

The Safari Awards. Judge.
Southern Africa Director of African Tourism and Travel Association. 2010 – 2016

7 Ideas changing the way we travel. Outside Magazine (US)
No.1 Way to experience the unexpected side of Cape Town. Afar Magazine (US)


True originals, always bringing innovative ideas and personalized concepts to the table.

Serge DiveCEO and Founder – Beyond Luxury Media

Cape Town like you’ve never imagined possible – curated specifically for your needs.

Lindsy TerrySales & Marketing Manager – Ellerman House

The most passionate, enthusiastic, talented specialist in their field.

Jen MurphyLeading US Outdoor and Adventure Journalist

A veritable basket full of exciting and innovative experiences for all ages.

Nigel Vere NicollChief Executive – African Travel & Tourism Association

An educated, insider’s approach to travel, which separates authentic travel from regular tourism.

Lew RoodSouthern Africa’s leading Tourism & Hospitality Consultant

Connect through moments of curiosity, discovery and good old fun.

Suzanne Bailey-CoupeManaging Director – Classic Portfolio

A foodie journey like no other: offering a hands-on approach beyond the confines of a restaurant.

Bern Le RouxEditor – Condè Nast Gourmet

Escape+Explore have managed to find (and stay) in that magical and elusive space where luxury and adventure intersect.

Ryan WallaceEvent Director – We Are Africa