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Brave Leadership Volunteer Programme Coordinator

The BRAVE Leadership Programme Coordinator

  • 3 Month Volunteer Basis. (Initial time period with scope to extend).
  • No Basic Salary but All Expenses Covered.
  • Working from Escape+Explore Noordhoek Farm Village Office with options to work from home.
  • Time spent with the Rock Girls and the various projects they currently cover.
  • Expectations. 3 days per week (24 Hours) with complete flexi time.
  • Start ASAP.

Click Here to Watch the 2018 Road Trip Video and get an idea of the type of energy you’ll be getting involved with.


Working with India Baird, the Director of BRAVE and Escape+Explore and the BRAVE Rock Girl Leaders themselves to helping build the New Leadership Programme with the aim to create a sustainable model for supporting young girl leaders in South Africa. BRAVE is girl-led, so the Leadership Programme Coordinator will work in partnership with the BRAVE Leaders, meeting with them regularly to discuss the programme and get their advice on how it can be most effective.

This hugely rewarding position will not only have a direct impact on the Young Ladies part of the Leadership Programme but the school aged girls they mentor. A rare opportunity to manage and set up the programme from scratch.


Coordinating the setup with the programme inline with the needs of the participants themselves.

Fully Administering of the programme Including:

  • Sourcing and overseeing the rental of a new Brave Home;
  • Creating standard operating procedures for the use of the BRAVE home,
  • Helping coordinating transport of BRAVE Rock Girls to and from assignments and their workshops with junior girls,


BRAVE inspires and empowers girl leaders, supporting girl-led initiatives and building a network of women and girl leaders across the African continent. BRAVE uses the challenge of travel and adventure in wild places to create opportunities for girls, and works with those who can provide the resources, knowledge, experience, and safety that girls need to lead.

BRAVE is partnering with Escape+Explore on the BRAVE Leadership programme to train and support BRAVE Rock Girl alums who have recently completed high school. These young women are leading the BRAVE Junior Girl Programme, as well as working as adventure guides with Escape+Explore, while pursuing their education and careers.  The BRAVE Leadership programme will provide them with the economic, emotional and physical stability that they need to ensure their success.

You will be working in a mission-driven environment, with passionate, adventurous, and compassionate people. You will have opportunities for both personal and professional growth, in this role.  BRAVE and Escape+Explore staff work hard but have a lot of flexibility and a great working environment.

More About The Brave Leadership Programme.

Engage with a group of powerful young women from undeserved communities who are living proof that Girl Power is a thing a VERY big thing! The first Rock Girls from the gang-stricken, violent and impoverished neighbourhood of Manenberg in the Cape Flats have ALL matriculated (passed their final school exams).  In a community where only 60% of youth complete high school, this is a remarkable achievement.  We remain absolutely committed to the Brave Academy and will continue our work to use any and all opportunities to create opportunities for these girls inclusive but not limited to the tourism space.

Now that the first BRAVE Rock Girls have successfully completed their secondary educations, they are embarking on the next chapter in the road to being self-sufficient, economically independent citizens. Escape+Explore and their travel partners remain committed to being an integral part of this journey, helping them eradicate or avoid some of their everyday challenges so that they can thrive.

The BRAVE Leaders Programme aims to establish a strong foundation, both physically and emotionally, for BRAVE Rock Girls who have graduated from high school as they lead and inspire the next generation of BRAVE Rock Girls. The girls who have successfully completed the BRAVE after school programmes and participated in BRAVE Road Trips are well equipped to become the future leaders of the organisation. BRAVE has been committed to being girl-led since its founding in 2009 and this is at the heart of the BRAVE Leaders Programme as well.

Here’s just a few of the recent interventions with the BRAVE Rock Girls that we want the Leadership Programme to Amplify:

* GUIDE TRAINING: We invited the girls to attend the specialist 3 day Guiding Academy to fully immerse the girls in the world of top end destination story telling.

* EMPLOYMENT AND JOB SKILLS: We’ve offered them all paid apprenticeship’s and access to our team’s skill set across the business.

* WEEKEND ADVENTURES: We have implemented a once a month micro-activation.  One Saturday every month, the guide team will work with the BRAVE leaders to expose the Junior BRAVE Rock Girls (ages 9 to 14) to life changing destination adventures, from surfing (and teaching them to swim!), to hiking, rock climbing, cycling and more.  These activities build resilience, teamwork and confidence, and also provide a safe space for the girls to be themselves.

*  SAFE ACCOMMODATION AND WORK SPACE:  We have started a funding initiative for the first ‘BRAVE home’ a safe house for up to eight girls (as a start) to use as a permanent base to study, live safely and take up opportunities as they leave the programme.  The lack of interact access and safe transport home restricts many girls from pursuing career opportunities.  We hope to break this cycle.

A few highlights:

  • Miche Williams,  one of our first Rock Girl Guides, was one of 120 students (out of over 7000 applicants from around the continent) accepted to attend the prestigious African Leadership Academy.   Escape+Explore is sponsoring all her flights home, plus essentials to start her exciting new journey. We are not surprised that after only six months into the two year programme, she now sits on the school governing council and was one of 10 students selected to meet celebs like Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé.  We are beyond thrilled to be a part of her exciting transformation.  Two more BRAVE Rock Girls are applying to ALA when they complete matric in December 2019.
  • E+E curated and facilitated many of the adventure activities and mentorship events of the South African segment of the first BRAVE Road Trip to SA and the US, helping girls from SA, Tanzania and the United States learn new skills and overcome their fears.  Rock Girls on the road
  • E+E brought together over 40 women travel industry leaders to engage with the girls at an intimate Mandela Day Women’s Brunch at Ellerman House in July 2018.
  • Audrey February, one of the BRAVE Rock Girl alums, is now fully integrated into the Escape+Explore guiding team, having attended the 2018 We Are Africa, hosted the international press lunch and met the Mayor of Cape Town.  Audery always adds such rich storytelling to the tours she is booked on and is passionate about mentoring the next generation of girls.
  • We are providing guidance and mentorship to three of the senior BRAVE Rock Girls, who are now self-leading the BRAVE after-school leadership programme for girls 9-14 years. This allows them to share the years of experiences and learnings with the junior girls in their neighbourhoods and schools, motivating and empowering through example.  The senior BRAVE Rock Girls have an office and meeting space at the Manenberg Peoples Centre, providing them with a safe haven in a turbulent and often dangerous community.