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AUV – Adventure Utility Vehicle

Our custom AUV’s are instrumental for your flexible adventure, each comes fully equipped and ready for action

Our Gear AUV
Wetsuits (Optional)
Trailer with mountain bikes & safety gear (Optional)
On board Wi-Fi
Dedicated driver (Optional)
Hiking packs
Onboard safari cooler & gourmet pantry
Childrens toy box
Africa’s top adventure guides
Inflatable SUPs & sofas
Travelling nanny (Optional)
Surfboards for all standards (Optional)
Children car seat
Our Gear AUV

Local, responsible and authentic

Each item on our well-stocked Adventure Utility Vehicles (AUV) has a unique story and person behind it. People whose paths you are likely to cross when on tour. Our special eats, drinks and on-board gear are proudly local, responsibly sourced and high on uplifting the environment and local communities.

Gourmet pantry & safari cooler

100% local flavor

We include a full refreshment bar and locally-sourced snack pantry with carefully selected local tastes that you can enjoy in breath-taking locations far removed from the crowds.

Taste on the move – Wild dining options

Experience a true taste of the region with thrilling wild picnics, wild food foraging or an exclusive pop-up tasting tables all in dramatic and off-the-beaten-track locations.

Adventure Gear

Sports & specialist equipment

When it comes to specialist equipment, we know that only the best will do. Rest assured that we work with the leading brands for all the activities we offer.

Red Paddle SUPs

Get there by land, sea & air

Want to change up the way you adventure on the day? Make getting from A to B part of the adventure. We can arrange everything from private yachts, helicopters, classic cars, retro Land Rovers, motorbike and side-cars, even our own adventure tuk tuk – many of these are exclusive to Escape+Explore.